Tap is influenced by musicality.  It is a form of dance that uses rhythm and sound made by the feet.  Students will learn execution of different steps.

Stars of Tomorrow offers a variety of Recreational classes for every dancer regardless of skill level.  With our Recreational Classes dancers have the opportunity to learn a variety of dance styles while having fun.  See our list below for a brief description of classes.  Please contact us for more information.


Clogging is a type of folk dance that requires a lot of energy and fast footwork.  It has evolved into a more modern  form of dance.

Toddler Tumbling

Toddler tumbling is for ages 2-3.  This class focuses on developing fine and gross motor skills.  

Recreational Classes

Open Dance

Open dance is a creative class that joins most all styles of dance to learn technique in a fun way.


Ballet is the foundation for any dancer to every style of dance. Students will learn terminology and steps, as well as be taught elegance and grace.


Pointe is a style of ballet where a dance supports all of their weight on the tip of their toes.  A special ballet shoe with a boxed toe is worn.  Pointe is based on age and recommendation by the ballet instructor.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is has high impact choreography that is performed to upbeat popular music and is fun.  This style changes regularly to keep up with the current entertainment industry.

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Jazz (Tween Combo)

Jazz is a high-energy dance performed to fast paced music.  Technique is taught for leaps and turns, but also includes fun choreography.


Gymnastics is tumbling that progresses from forward rolls to aerials and tucks.  Students move at their own pace and are worked with individually at their skill level.

Flex & Conditioning

​Flex & Conditioning focuses on stretching, improving flexibility, building core strength and improving balance.


Contemporary/Lyrical joins ballet and jazz techniques and focuses on interpreting the music through movement.  Emotion is important in this style and should be expressed when performing.